UPS Preventative Maintenance

UPS Preventative Maintenance

UPS Preventative Maintenance testing and maintenance of a facility’s UPS to ensure it remains in peak operating condition, protects critical systems, and keeps them reliably operating as designed.


Power outages can occur at any time bringing down your entire operation but with the added safety preventative maintenance provides you can rest assured that your power system will function when needed most. Batteries have a finite life and with proper maintenance their life can be extended and should they show signs of failure preventative maintenance will enable you to have them replaced before they let you down.

With the option of either business hours or after hours inspections preventative maintenance can be done at a time that suits the users needs. Preventative maintenance support is offered on any fixed, site-serviced power system. The maintenance inspection involves a detailed examination and audit of the equipment, its internal and external condition, the battery, alarm states and interfaces to other equipment. A report on the current condition of the equipment is issued, along with any recommendations. Corrective or remedial action can be taken upon request.

Typical Preventative Maintenance support includes:

- One or Two comprehensive examinations of internal and external operating parameters

- After hours inspections can be included in the Preventative support plan

- Calibration of all metering and protective features if required

- Functional testing of all transfer conditions

- Inspection of on-line performance of equipment with load

- Written evaluation providing you a historical record of your equipment performance

- Review of alarm states, history and upgrade status

- Visual check on batteries and battery environment

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