Standby UPS

Standby UPS

Buy Standby UPS Systems with Power Backup Solutions

Standby UPS systems allow the equipment to run off utility power until the UPS detects a problem, at which point it switches to battery power to protect against sags, surges or outages.

Standby power systems simply pass incoming AC power to the connected equipment and switch to battery power when necessary. Some standby UPS designs incorporate transformers or other devices to provide limited power conditioning as well. The system supplies the IT equipment with acceptable power to meet this specification as long as the input voltage is within predefined UPS tolerances. However, this band of normal operations is typically narrow (±10 percent of the ITIC curve), so the UPS must resort to batteries frequently, which can reduce battery runtime and service life. Some standby systems allow a wider input voltage window, which helps conserve the battery but could cause lock-up or sporadic operational issues with the connected IT equipment.

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EATON 3S550AU 550VA / 330W Standby Powerboard UPS

EATON 3S550AU550VA 300W Standby Powerboard UPSManufactured by: EATONPart Number: 3S550AUThe Eaton 3S..

$139.83 Ex Tax: $127.12