UPSs come in a range of form factors that fit into two master categories: Rack-mounted and Freestanding (also know as "Tower"). The largest UPSs aren’t available in rack-mounted form factors, so companies with substantial power requirements almost always use freestanding devices. For companies with more modest needs, deciding between rack-mounted and freestanding UPSs is largely a matter of data center design philosophy. Some organizations use rack-mounted UPSs in an effort to consolidate as much hardware as possible in their enclosures. Others prefer to maximize the amount of rack space available for servers by using freestanding UPSs. From a technical and financial standpoint, neither approach is inherently superior to the other

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2000VA / 1800W (2KVA) Online UPS Tower 10A (KS-MPII-2KVA) | KSTAR Memopower

2kVA Online/Double-conversion UPS Pure Sinewave (2000VA / 1800W) KSTAR Tower with Standard Australia..

$1,650.00 $1,529.00 Ex Tax: $1,390.00