Line Interactive UPS

Line Interactive UPS

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This technology works to regulate voltage by boosting input utility voltage up or moderating (bucking) it down as necessary, before allowing it to pass to the protected equipment—or resort to battery power

Line-interactive systems usually have a wider input voltage range than standby systems and can regulate voltage to within acceptable limits through the power interface without using the battery.

A line interactive UPS supplies power within ITIC specifications as long as its input voltage is within pre-set UPS tolerances. However, the line-interactive system can provide some voltage regulation, using a tap changing transformer or a buck/boost circuit. That means it doesn’t have to resort to batteries as often as a standby system, although it may use some battery power to support the transition between normal mode and voltage regulation mode. Battery usage is lower than a standby UPS but still higher than a double-conversion topology.

Line-interactive UPSs switch to battery mode with a typical transfer time of 3–8 ms (5 ms typical), which is within acceptable limits for most power supplies. Some PSUs could exhibit inrush currents exceeding 400 percent if the transfer time is longer than 5 ms; the UPS inverter could have problems supporting this high current requirement.

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