UPS size between 1100VA and 2000VA

UPS size between 1100VA and 2000VA

Looking to buy 2kVA (2000VA) UPS System?

Large selection of single-phase UPS battery backup Systems 2kVA (2000VA) or 2kW (2000W) Uninterruptible Power Supplies. Select the right UPS System for your setup based on the VA rating. We stock all the major UPS Brands, including APC, Eaton and CyberPower. The range of systems includes: stand-by, line-interactive, online/double-conversion, rack-mount, tower, network management and ups with long backup time.

Most UPS Systems within the 2kVA power rating are designed for soft-wired plug-n-play connection. Simply connect the IEC input lead to the UPS, connect the loads to the Australian or IEC-sockets and switch on. Hardwired options are available for the on-line UPS systems.

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CyberPower PRO Rack/Tower LCD 2000VA/2000W (10A) 2U Line Interactive UPS

CyberPower PR2000ERTXL2U SINEWAVE SERIES 2000VA/2000W2 kVA, 2kW, 151-302V, 50/60Hz, 10A, 57.5dB, 43..

$1,107.19 Ex Tax: $1,006.54

1500VA / 1050W (1.5KVA) Pure Sinewave UPS (KS-MICRO-1.5KVA) | KSTAR Microsine

KSTAR Microsine Line Interactive 1.5kVA / 1.05kW Pure Sinewave UPS with Australian OutletsCompac..

$350.00 $249.00 Ex Tax: $226.36