Eaton 5S UPS (550 - 1600 VA)

Eaton 5S UPS (550 - 1600 VA)

Eaton 5S UPS (550 - 1600 VA)

Affordable power protection for workstations and POS equipment The compact Eaton 5S UPS delivers backup power for desktop PCs and work stations even in disturbed electrical environments. The 5S not only provides a supply with battery backup to keep equipment operating during power cuts, it also provides effective protection against damaging surges as voltage fluctuations are automatically corrected using an AVR device without needing the batteries.

5S UPS key features and benefits: Data protection: Safeguard your work and data with the UPS Companion software by gracefully shutting down your equipment during power outages.
Convenient form factor: Fit the 5S easily into tight spaces with its slim form factor. The versatile 5S can be used as a tower or as a desktop monitor stand. 
Surge protection: Provide surge protection for network phone lines, cable TV and satellite applications.
Battery health check: Schedule daily, weekly or monthly health checks to verify battery performance and ensure that it delivers power during the next outage

Product Snapshot
Power Rating550 - 1600 VA
Voltage220 - 240 Vac
Frequency50/60 Hz
ConfigurationTower or under monitor
Product SeriesSuperior
UPS Models
Part NumberPower RatingInput PlugOutput Receptacles
Eaton 5S
Eaton 5S550AU         550 / 330Aust. 10A(3) Aust. 10A, (3) Aust. 10A surge only
Eaton 5S700AU700 / 420Aust. 10A(3) Aust. 10A, (3) Aust. 10A surge only
Eaton 5S850AU850 / 510Aust. 10A(3) Aust. 10A, (3) Aust. 10A surge only
Eaton 5S1200AU1200 / 720Aust. 10A(3) Aust. 10A, (3) Aust. 10A surge only
Eaton 5S1600AU1600 / 960Aust. 10A(3) Aust. 10A, (3) Aust. 10A surge only

We can also supply and install replacement batteries for Eaton 5S UPS. Please contact us regarding replacing internal batteries on Eaton 5S UPS

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