Eaton 5SC Tower UPS (500-1500 VA)

Eaton 5SC Tower UPS (500-1500 VA)

Eaton 5SC Tower (500-1500 VA) UPS

Eaton 5SC UPS from Power Backup Solutions provides line-interactive, affordable and reliable protection for small business servers. Complementing our range of industry leading UPSs, the 5SC includes an LCD interface for real-time status and measurements, and provides sinewave output for compatibility with today’s most sensitive IT equipment.The LCD interface provides clear status of UPS key parameters and allows configuration for output voltage, audible alarm and power input sensitivity. By using Eaton’s Intelligent Power Manager software with the 5SC UPS you get up-to-the-minute information on the status of power in your network. The 5SC offers pure sinewave output for sensitive equipment as well as buck and boost operation to correct a wide range of input voltage variations without using batteries.

Product Snapshot
Power Rating500 - 1500 VA
Frequency50/60 Hz
Product SeriesSuperior
UPS Models
Part NumberPower RatingInput PlugOutput Receptacles
Eaton 5SC
Eaton 5SC500i       500 / 350C14(4) C13
Eaton 5SC750i750 / 525C14(6) C13
Eaton 5SC1000i1000 / 700C14(8) C13
Eaton 5SC1500i1500 / 1050C14(8) C13

We can also supply and install replacement batteries for Eaton 5SC UPS. Please contact us regarding replacing internal batteries on Eaton 5SC UPS

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Eaton 5SC1000i uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 1000 VA 8 AC outlet(s)

EATON 5SC1000I Eaton 5SC 1000VA Mini Tower UPS1000VA, 700W, 1 x C14 In, 8 x C13Eaton 5SC1000i, 1000..

$654.94 Ex Tax: $595.40

Eaton 5SC1500i uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 1500 VA 8 AC outlet(s)

EATON 5SC1500I Eaton 5SC 1500 VA Tower1500VA, 1050W, 1 x C14 In, 8 x C13Eaton 5SC1500i, 1500 VA, 10..

$850.93 Ex Tax: $773.57

Eaton 5SC500i uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 500 VA 4 AC outlet(s)

EATON 5SC500I Eaton 5SC 500VA / 350W Mini Tower UPS 4 x IEC Sockets500VA, 350W, 1 x C14 In, 4 x C13..

$398.66 Ex Tax: $362.42

Eaton 5SC750i uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 750 VA 6 AC outlet(s)

EATON 5SC750I Eaton 5SC 750VA / 525W Mini Tower UPS 6 x IEC Sockets750VA, 525W, 1 x C14 In, 6 x C13..

$505.78 Ex Tax: $459.80