UPS for MAC Computers iMAC

UPS for MAC Computers iMAC

Shop MAC Compatible UPS with Power Backup Solutions. Select the right UPS for your iMAC

Power Backup System and Uninterruptible Power Supplies to protect MAC Apple Computers and Laptops

Select the best UPS to be used for Apple MAC Systems. Pick your favorite brand (APC, Eaton, KSTAR or CyberPower), choose the right size (suitable VA-rating) and enjoy your Apple Computer or Laptop being protected from power surges, spikes and blackouts. UPS systems listed below are compatible with MAC OS X. The UPS can be connected to your MAC OS via USB port, and provide control and management capabilities through Apple Integrated Power Management software. Apple's 'Energy Saver' power management software has the capability of reducing the energy consumption of UPS devices and allows for graceful shutdown of your computer and operating system.

The UPS models listed below feature a HID compliant USB port that's 100% compatible with Apple's 'Energy Saver' software.

You can also use manufacturer supplied software and install it on you MAC computer or laptop to manage UPS through dedicated software.

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CyberPower 1200VA BRICs LCD Line-interactive PowerBoard UPS (BR1200ELCD)


$248.95 Ex Tax: $226.32

CyberPower 1500VA / 900W Sinewave UPS PFC Series with LCD and 6 x Australian Outlets (CP1500EPFCLCDa-AU)

CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCDa-AU Pure Sine Wave UPS 1500VA / 900W - MAC compatiblePure sine wa..

$397.78 Ex Tax: $361.62

CyberPower 900VA / 540W Sinewave UPS PFC Series with LCD and 6 x Australian Outlets (CP900EPFCLCDa)

CyberPower CP900EPFCLCDa-AU Pure Sine Wave UPS 900VA/540W - MAC compatiblePure sine wave o..

$236.78 Ex Tax: $215.25