Medical and Healthcare UPS

Medical and Healthcare UPS

Reliable power protection and management play a vital part in your ability to deliver quality care to patients. Our UPS solutions protect your IT systems, diagnostic imaging equipment, clinical labs, and facilities and monitoring support systems against a full range of problems from spikes and sags to full power interruptions. We offer:

- Largest selection of highly reliable Uninterruptible Power Supplies for the healthcare industry

- A trusted and tested UPS solution for major medical equipment suppliers, such as GE Healthcare and Siemens Medical Solutions

- Award-winning power management software to proactively monitor and manage crucial healthcare systems

- World-class service offerings deliver the peace of mind that your healthcare systems are protected around the clock

- Backed by Worldwide Agency Approvals

Listed below, are highest quality Online/Double Conversion UPS Systems which offer maximum protection for highly sensitive medical electronic equipment.These systems protect against all nine power problems: power failures, powersags, power surges, under-voltage, over-voltage, line noise, frequency variation,switching transients and harmonic distortion. Online/Double Conversion comprehensive protection minimises the opportunity for component stress, burnt circuit boards,data crashes and program failures. These UPSs offer the highest level of power protection available and are always recommended for mission-critical applications like server farms, hospitals and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) applications.

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