Voltage Regulation

Voltage Regulation

Buy Voltage Regulators & Line Conditioners for Power Protection

Surge protector line conditioners feature lightning and surge protection capabilities designed to protect equipment in the event of sudden power fluctuations or voltage spikes, which can easily damage solid-state components.

Uncorrected voltage fluctuations gradually degrade the life of electronic components, potentially causing premature failure. Buying a voltage regulator online by shopping the range below can help you protect your sensitive electronic equipment from brownouts and over-voltages. They not only adjust voltages to safe levels, but also provides surge protection against electrical surges and spikes – even lightning.

Protection from power sags, swells, and damaging power transients for residential and business applications

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APC LE600I voltage regulator 230 V 4 AC outlet(s) Beige,Grey

APC LE600I LINE-R 600VA AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR600VA, 230V, 50/60 Hz, 300 J, 116 x 214 x 141 mm..

$110.13 Ex Tax: $100.12

PowerShield VoltGuard 1500VA / 750W AVR - 750 Watt Voltage Stabliser. No internal batteries.

POWERSHIELD PSVG1500PowerShield VoltGuard 1500VA / 750W AVR - 750 Watt Voltage Stabliser. No interna..

$107.01 Ex Tax: $97.28