UPS Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBS)

UPS Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBS)

We supply Maintenance and Static Bypass Switches for UPS Applications (Australia)

Maintenance Bypass Switches (MBS) from Power Backup Solutions are designed to add high availability to UPSs. Any UPS connected to a MBS can be replaced for maintenance or upgrade purposes without interrupting the power supply to the protected devices. The purpose of a Maintenance Bypass Switch (MBS) is to isolate all AC input and output supplies from a UPS to allow maintenance technicians to safely work on the equipment, while the critical load equipment continues to be powered from the input supply, normally raw mains, without interruption.

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Eaton HotSwap Maintenance Bypass (MBP) 16A Hardwired (MBP3KIH)

EATON MBP3KIHHotSwap Maintenance Bypass, 16A, Hardwired• High availability for all UPSs up to 3000VA..

$387.66 Ex Tax: $352.42

EATON MBP11KI HotSwap MBP 11000i (Maintenance bypass module 8/11kVA 9PX) Output = HW + 4 x C19

EATON MBP11KIHotSwap Maintenance Bypass MBP 11000iManufactured by: EATONPart Number: MBP11KIHotSwap ..

$977.48 Ex Tax: $888.62

EATON MBP11KI31 HotSwap MBP 11000i for all 9PX 3:1 Models (Maintenance bypass module 6/8/11kVA 3:1) Output = HW + 4 x C19

EATON MBP11KI31HotSwap MBP 11000i (Maintenance bypass module 6/8/11kVA 9PX3:1) Output = HW + 4 x C19..

$1,124.37 Ex Tax: $1,022.15

Eaton MBP3KI 3000VA HotSwap Maintenance Bypass C20 input 1 x C19 outlet 6 x C13 outlets

EATON MBP3KIEaton HotSwap MBP IEC The Eaton HotSwap MBP series is made of versatile, flexible 2U PDU..

$357.42 Ex Tax: $324.93

EATON MBP6KI HotSwap MBP 6000i (Maintenance bypass module 5/6kVA 9SX/PX) Output = HW + 2 x C19 3 C13

EATON MBP6KIHotSwap Maintenance Bypass MBP 6000iManufactured by: EATONPart Number: MBP6KIHotSwap MBP..

$630.88 Ex Tax: $573.53

HotSwap Maintenance Bypass C20 Input 1 x C19 outlet 3 x Aust 3 pin outlets (MBP3KAU)

EATON MBP3KAUEATON HotSwap Maintenance Bypass C20 Input 1 x C19 outlet 3 x Aust 3 pin outlets• High ..

$387.66 Ex Tax: $352.42