Colocation Server Racks

Colocation Server Racks

Colocation Server Racks Two or Multi-Compartment Enclosures for Colocation Facilities (Australia)

Colocation Enclosures are high-quality split-level multi-tenant racks for storage of industry-standard (EIA-310) 19-inch rack-mount hardware, which includes servers, voice, data, networking, security, and power protection equipment.We have a range of standard and custom built colocation racks (two or multiple compartment enclosures) for colocation facilities with customers requiring a minimal amount of rack space (Australia). You can order 19" racks with 600mm or 750mm width and various depths. These multi-tenant, security enhanced enclosures are provided with a compact width to optimize data center space.

The frames are also available in Co-location configurations where multiple customers can store equipment within the same cabinet. Particularly suited to data centre applications, the Co-location cabinets come with a divider between compartments either solid or vented.

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