Airflow Management

Airflow Management

Accessories to improve rack cooling efficiency by preventing air recirculation and reducing bypass airflow

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CyberPower 3U 19" Fan Panel 3 x 208/240 VAC Cooling Fans 240CFM (CRA12003)

CyberPower CRA12003 3U 19" Fan Panel, 3X 208/240 VAC Cooling Fans; 240CFM ..

$91.52 Ex Tax: $83.20

CyberPower Roof-Mounted Fan Panel 6 x 208/240VAC Fans (CRA12001)

CyberPower CRA12001 Roof-Mounted Fan Panel, 6x 208/240VAC Fans, for 42" to 47" (1070mm-1200mm) Deep ..

$155.60 Ex Tax: $141.45

CyberPower Wall Mount Roof Fan Kit 2 x 208/240VAC Cooling Fans 160CFM (CRA12002)

CyberPowerCRA12002 Wall Mount Roof Fan Kit, 2X 208/240VAC Cooling Fans; 160CFMCyberPower CRA12002 ..

$66.83 Ex Tax: $60.75