Eaton SOLA Power Conditioners

Eaton SOLA Power Conditioners

Looking for Eaton’s Sola 200 Ferro resonant power conditioner, voltage regulator or constant voltage transformer?

The ferroresonant power conditioners protect equipment from all power problems, other than the complete loss of power. They excel at tightly regulating the voltage, providing superior noise attenuation and are ruggedly designed to withstand the harshest electrical environments.

Eaton's Sola ferroresonant power conditioners supply sinewave output, which is especially important for computer applications.

These power conditioners comprise one or more ferroresonant core/coil/capacitor assemblies. All functions are performed by these magnetic elements; no electronic components or circuit boards are required. The magnetics assembly is housed in a sheet metal enclosure. Most enclosures are fitted with castors (excluding 22.5kVA model) and jacking pads (excluding 3kVA model).

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Eaton Sola 26 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) 2000 VA

EATON 26052000M 2605-2000M 2kVA Hard Wired Multi-Tap 1Ph Power ConditionerSola 26, 2000 Output VA, ..

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