Portable Power Banks

Portable Power Banks

Portable Power Banks and External Battery Chargers

Looking for power supplies and external mobile battery chargers for Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones and other common electrical devices? Weather you're camping, outdoors or simply don't have access to your charger, a portable power bank can save you a lot of hassle. Power hungry smartphones and mobile devices tend to run out of juice at just the wrong time. Fortunately it’s easily avoided with a USB power bank. If you want to charge your phone more than once, top up a tablet or even keep your laptop running, you need a larger capacity battery backup. Power banks over 10,000 mAh can typically give a full charge to a totally dead tablet, or juice up your phone around over three times. While they are a little more expensive, high end power banks also tend to come with a whole range of handy extra features, such as Car Jump Starter, 230V Outlet (GPO), Flash Light, Solar Charger.

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APC M5BK power bank Black Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 5000 mAh

APC M5BK APC Mobile Power Pack 5000mAh Li-Polymer Black5000mAh Li-polymerAPC M5BK, Black, Mobile ph..

$57.05 Ex Tax: $51.87

CyberPower CP5000PEG-WG power bank Grey,White Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 5000 mAh

CyberPower CP5000PEG-WG CyberPower CP5000PEG-WG - Classic PowerBank - 5000mAH- White5000 mAh, 1x US..

$29.92 Ex Tax: $27.20

CyberPower Mobile Powerpack - USB device Charger - 1 Yr Adv Replacement

CyberPower CP-MBCCyberPower Mobile Powerpack - USB device Charger - 1 Yr Adv Replacement Mobile Pow..

$26.40 Ex Tax: $24.00