Internal UPS Replacement Battery suitable for CyberPower Value600EI

1 x 12V 9Ah Valve Regulated (Sealed) AGM rechargeable lead acid battery with F2 terminals

UPS Replacement Battery suitable for CyberPower Value600EI

*IMPORTANT: May require use of your existing hardware and cables to connect replacement batteries.


1. Shut off the UPS and disconnect the input power cord from the wall outlet.

2. Open battery door or dismantle the UPS housing in order to get access to internal batteries.

3. Disconnect used battery. Connect new battery. (It is important that connectors be firmly attached to new batteries.)

4. Close battery door

5. Properly recycle used battery.

The KSTAR AGM is a rechargeable, deep cycle, Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) battery. The technology is also commonly referred to as Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) as the battery electrolyte is suspended in Absorbent Glass Matting (AGM), unlike the automotive type batteries where the electrolyte is loose. AGM technology means that this battery is robust, safe and maintenance free.

Valve Regulated (Sealed) Construction
The KSTAR valve regulated AGM rechargeable lead acid battery allows safe, trouble free operation in any position. There is never any requirement to refill electrolyte in normal operation. The KSTAR battery is leak-proof.

Ease of Shipment
Sealed construction, the batteries can be shipped by sea, road or air without special handling and packaging precautions.

Maintenance Free Operation
During the float service life, the KSTAR batteries not to be needed to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water.

Cycle or Float Service
Batteries are suitable for either cycling or floating service

Heavy Duty Grids
KSTAR batteries utilize heavy duty calcium-tin alloy grids to extend service life.

Compact Design

Utilizing the best possible raw materials to build a high power-to-weight ratio battery.

Low Self Discharge
KSTAR lead calcium grids minimize capacity loss during storage periods. So the batteries can be stored for long periods of time without recharge at room temperature.

Wide Operating Temperature

KSTAR batteries may be operated over a broad range of ambient temperatures.

High Impact Case
KSTAR batteries utilize high impact resistant and non-conductive plastic cast.

Common Applications:

- Uninterruptible Power Supplies
- Communications Equipment
- NBN Communication Box
- Emergency Alarms And Security Systems
- Emergency Lighting Systems
- Electric Wheelchairs
- Electronic Equipment
- Geophysical Equipment
- Medical Equipment
- Power Tools
- Solar Powered Systems
- Telecommunications Systems
- Toys

ThumbFile information
KSTAR 6FM9S 12V 9Ah SLA VRLA Battery Brochure/Datasheet.pdf 594.68KB 61
Height (mm)94
Width (mm)65
TypeValve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid

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