Hot-Swap Bypass Switches and PDUs for UPS Systems

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Stop Scheduling Downtime for Maintenance

Viewed from a lifecycle perspective, a standard online UPS system isn't truly uninterruptible. At some point it will be necessary to take the UPS off line for maintenance–and that means costly system downtime. But with PDU Hot-Swap Solutions, the UPS can be repaired or replaced at any time, while keeping connected mission-critical equipment powered and fully operational.

Many manufacturers offer Hot-Swap PDUs, which make any UPS hot-swappable, as well as Hot-Swappable Modular UPS Systems, which integrate a detachable Hot-Swap PDU. The key component of the hot-swappable design is a modular power distribution unit (PDU) that combines all input and output power connections with a manual bypass switch. The dual input and manual bypass features of the PDU enable UPS system maintenance–from battery replacement to complete power module exchange–without powering down connected mission-critical equipment and hiring costly service specialists.

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