Rack-Mount UPS Systems

Rack-Mount UPS Systems

Search for best 19 Inch Rack Mount UPS Systems for IT Racks and Network Cabinets

(Many Sizes Available: 1kVA, 2kVA, 3kVA, 4kVA, 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA, 11kVA)


Select from best quality rack mount UPS (APC and Eaton) systems that fit any standard 48 cm (19”) rack. Power Backup Solutions offers you a range of Eaton and APC rack mount UPS systems at competitive prices.Some organisations use rack-mounted uninterruptible power supply systems in an effort to consolidate as much hardware as possible in their enclosures. Others prefer to maximise the amount of rack space available for servers by using freestanding UPSs. From a technical and financial standpoint, neither approach is inherently superior to the other. UPS systems contain the reliability, features, and flexibility required by networks and electronics in rack environments. Most UPSs come comes with all of the hardware required for installation in a standard EIA or JIS seismic rack mount configuration with square and round mounting holes. Most rail assemblies adjust to mount in 48-cm (19-inch) racks with front to rear rail distances from 61 to 76 cm (24 to 30 inches) deep.

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1000VA / 900W (1KVA) Online UPS Rackmount/Tower 2RU (KS-MPRTII-1KVA) | KSTAR Memopower

1kVA Online/Double-conversion UPS Pure Sinewave (1000VA / 900W) can be mounted in either Rackmount U..

$869.00 $590.00 Ex Tax: $536.36

1500VA / 1350W (1.5KVA) UPS Rackmount/Tower Online 2RU (KS-MPRTII-1.5KVA) | KSTAR Memopower

1.5kVA Online/Double-conversion UPS Pure Sinewave (1500VA / 1350W) can be mounted in either Rackmoun..

$1,089.00 $725.00 Ex Tax: $659.09

2000VA / 1800W (2KVA) Online UPS Rackmount/Tower 2RU 10Amp (KS-MPRTII-2KVA) | KSTAR Memopower

2kVA Online/Double-conversion UPS Pure Sinewave (2000 VA / 1800 W) can be mounted in either Rackmoun..

$1,595.00 $1,193.50 Ex Tax: $1,085.00

3000VA / 2700W (3KVA) Online UPS Rackmount/Tower 2RU 16Amp (KS-MPRTII-3KVA) | KSTAR Memopower

3kVA Online/Double-conversion UPS Pure Sinewave (3000 VA / 2700 W) can be mounted in either Rackmoun..

$2,205.50 $1,859.00 Ex Tax: $1,690.00